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A good old Podcast…

Aug 5, 2020 / by Admin / In HQ / Tags: , , , , / Leave a comment

One of our favourite things to come out of Lockdown is our new found love of a good old Podcast, which has become a part of both our office and after-hours routine.

The beauty of the podcast is that it can be listened to while working, in the bath, running, cooking, cleaning, whilst putting together that really annoying yet essential flatpack, basically, you name the situation – and we will throw a podcast at it.

A podcast is entertaining, and most programs end up teaching us something about life, the government, science, art and much more. 

So we decided to reach out to some of our favourite people to set up a sort of podcast swap shop, leave a podcast behind and pick up a new favourite kind of thing. 

Anyways without drawing this out any further than we need to please find below just some of the popular picks that you might not have had time to listen to PLUS some exciting new shows worthy of all of our attention!

Tiger Bam’s top podcasts to tune into right now:


All Killa no Filla

Armchair Expert

Athletico Mince

Bob Dylan’s Radio Times

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

Cocaine and Rhinestone

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Decoder Ring 

Desert Island Discs

Dolly Parton’s America

Evil Genius Russel Kane


Films to be buried with

Food Doctor

Girls Gotta Eat

Gossip Mongers

Greif Cast

Grounded with Louis Theroux

Guilty Feminist

Gurls Talk

Have you heard about George’s Podcast


Joe Rogan


Modern Love

Motherhood Sessions

No Such Thing As A Fish

Off Menu

Out of Hours

Reply All 

Revisionist History

Safe for Work


Sex, Money and Power with Sara Pascoe

Ten Things That Scare Me 

The Adam Buxton Podcast

The Daily

The Dropout

The High Low

The Journal

The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Missing Cryptoqueen

The Sporkful

The Receipts

This American Life here.

Today in Focus

Too Tired to be Crazy

Why Won’t You Date Me? 

Wooden Overcoats

WTF with Marc Maron

Yo is this Racist

You’re Wrong About…

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