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Our favourite Digbeth art!

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Digbeth, a neighbourhood with so much choice and talent, from the bars and eateries, to the nightlife and live music offering, not to mention experiences galore, we are very spoilt to have all of this on our doorstep.

When you’re out and about exploring one thing you can not ignore is the plethora of wonderful street art and murals which adorn the walls, venues and arches of Digbeth. 

Here are a few of our favourites!

If you head over to Meridan Street you’ll find Suki10c. Not only is this a wonderful independent music venue, it’s also powered by 100% wind farm generated electricity AND over 90% of all its waste is recycled, with the rest used to generate green electricity… So that’s pretty amazing in itself! But the first thing you’ll notice about Suki10c is its striking building. This mural was done by Gent 48 for Bass Festival by Punch Records, and it’s a beautiful tribute to 22 of Birmingham’s brightest black artists, creatives, and influencers.

Photo by @brummieboz
  • Forward in Unity – Gent 48 for Art 4 Charity

On your way along Meridian Street, you’ll also find Norton’s, home to one of Digbeth’s newest murals “Forward in Unity” by Gent 48 for Art 4 Charity. “In these unprecedented times, Birmingham moves forward in unity, demonstrating the indomitable spirit in the face of adversity that characterizes the city” – Art 4 Charity. This piece celebrates how Birmingham has stood together in the fight against Coronavirus and has used Digbeth’s creative talent to raise funds for local charities.

Photo by @indigbeth

Head over to the Custard Factory where you’ll find this wonderful piece that says a huge thank you and pay homage to our amazingly brave NHS staff!

Photo @indigbeth

Love is love. This wonderful mural celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and it certainly is beautiful! You can find this on Gibb Street behind Stickie Fingers (where you can also grab some delicious donuts!)

Photo @custardfactory

If you take a walk around Digbeth’s canals, there’ll be no shortage of artwork to admire and one of our favourites is The Fox by Annatomix.

Photo @clayt_

Around the Custard Factory, you’ll find tonnes of street art and these gorillas by Jay Sharples always stand out! Head over to the North Yard car park to take a look!

Photo @custardfactory

This new Digbeth piece really helped to (and continues to) give us positive energy! You can find it to the back of The Old Crown… And maybe grab a drink whilst you’re there!

Photo @oldcrownbham

If you head over to Lower Trinity Street, you’ll find three amazing murals by Broken Fingaz. Broken Fingaz are a collective of artists from Israel and Mexico, and they made a visit to Digbeth back in 2016! These guys are pretty well known and the work is pretty amazing too so it’s definitely worth a visit!

Photo @indigbeth

And finally, if you head to Little Ann Street (just off Floodgate Street) you’ll find one of our favourite venues – The Ruin! You’ll also find their Digbeth Nightlife map so you’ll be able to check out all the amazing local Digbeth venues!

Photo @indigbeth

In short, you can walk down most streets in Digbeth and find amazing artwork by so many talented artists, there’s too many to fit them all into one blog post, but please feel free to leave a comment of any of your favourites!

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