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The 2020 Social Media Marketing checklist!

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Social media is constantly evolving and changing, and so your content and how you reach your audience has to adapt with the fast pace of these changes! We’ve put together our 2020 Social Media Checklist, to help you to reach your target audience and 

Read on to see Tiger Bam’s 2020 Social Media Checklist! 

  1. Keep on top! 

The Algorithm… think of these as the little robots who decide what you see at the top of your feed and what you see lower down or not at all! Before algorithms, most social feeds were displayed in reverse chronological order… so the most recent posts would show first and so on. And, although it is possible for a user to change their preferences on some social media sites (so that they see their feed as ‘Most Recent’), they’re almost always default set to the algorithm. 

Now, it’s important to note that these algorithms are changing quite frequently so it’s very important to keep on top of these changes! However, we’ve listed some general algorithm strategies that can work across all social media channels!

  • Encourage engagements! The more engagements the post gets, the more it will be rewarded by algorithms!
  • Optimise your posting time. This follows on from the previous point… if you’re posting when your audience is most likely to be active, there’s more chance they will see your post and engage with it!
  • Post frequently! Algorithms tend to reward accounts that post regularly. There’s a higher chance the top content on your page is still relevant to the viewer, instead of content from a few months back that might not be as relevant anymore!
  • Use the right hashtags. Adding hashtags to a post helps to categorize it so users interested in that hashtag have a higher chance of seeing your post, and this helps to extend post reach! 
  • Remember to include native video content into your strategy. This type of content is rewarded by algorithms across most platforms! 
  1. Live Videos.

More and more people want to interact with brands, and what better way to do this than by watching real-time, live videos. Live videos help to offer transparency, increase reach, build customer relationships and offer insights into their most loved brands that other content simply can’t offer. Live videos can also help increase conversions! You could; give instructions on how to use a product, talk/discuss a product or service, interact in real-time with potential customers through a Q&A, go behind the scenes, or follow a company event in person. All of these can help to; increase brand transparency, build customer relationships, help the customer feel part of your brand community and answer questions any potential leads might have, helping to secure a sale!

  1. Collaborate with influencers.

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying individuals who have the possibility to create high impact conversations about your product with your specific target audience. It’s no secret that word of mouth marketing is one of (if not the) most powerful marketing tools. Collaborating with influencers is a great way to reach your audience through people who they trust.

Not only this, but it can also help towards your SEO link building efforts! If your influencer campaign includes blog posts this can help to build links on either side. A great way to do this is by inviting them to write a post that goes out across both your and their blogs! 

  1. Build a community.

Now more than ever people want to follow and interact with their favourite brands, but it’s feeling a part of a community that really encourages brand advocacy. You might have content that is shareable, engaging and purposeful, but do you have a hashtag to go with it, or a hashtag that your audience can use to share their content with you? 

If you look at the likes of GoPro, almost all of their content is curated (this means that their followers have shared content with them and they have used it on their pages). They have managed to create a huge community of loyal followers that regularly use their product and want to share it! This content is extremely valuable in many senses. The first being that they can use it for their own social media… it’s free content! Secondly, its word of mouth marketing! It’s hard to imagine exactly how many social media users have seen GoPro’s products not from their page directly! In fact, if you look today (27-05-2020) at how many times #GoPro has been used on Instagram, it’s currently over 45,000,000 times. This means that each of those 45 million times it had been used, that person’s followers have seen the post too… that’s A LOT of people!

  1. It’s not all about your product!

It’s extremely likely that your followers don’t want to see a constant stream of images of your product or offerings. It’s important to ensure there’s a mix of content for your audience to engage with. Look at RedBull for example, hardly any of their content is product based, yet you still know it’s RedBull! They have clearly identified their target market of sports enthusiasts, and their content is focused on this market. Their videos are there for one purpose, and that’s to engage their specific target audience. Creating video content whilst subtly dropping in a logo here and there has enabled them to create engaging, highly shareable content that helps them expand the reach of their brand!

“How do I get hold of this content?” you might be asking yourself… Yes, high-quality video content can be timely and expensive to produce, that’s why the best way to do this is through a curation campaign. This means developing a campaign that gives users a reason and chance to share with you them using your product in some way! As we discussed above, you could set up a hashtag for people to use to share with you their content. You can then use this content on your feed… Giving you free content AND a whole lot of word-of-mouth marketing!

Not sure where to start? Want help building your social media presence, targeting your customers and achieving results? Don’t worry we can help! To get in touch, email 

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