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Tiger Bam’s 2020 Graphics Design Notes!

Jun 26, 2020 / by Admin / In Design / Tags: , , , , / 1 Comment

Design is a powerful thing. It helps us to understand our world, grab attention and encourage questioning, but in order to do this, design style must evolve and adapt with us. Design should change with the audience, topic and placement, and key to this is keeping up with design trends. Take a look at our key notes for this year!

Design for good.

It’s important to use creative outlets to help create a positive social impact. Imagery conveys powerful messages and so using design as a way to express this can help spread the word about important causes. Throughout history, designers have used their creative skills to help deliver important messages and spread awareness, and the same can be said for the present day. With incredible growing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, we have designed some free downloadable graphics for you to use and share on your social media.

We believe that everyone should be able to share what they believe in and we hope these graphics in support of Black Lives Matter will help you do just that. Alongside this, you will also find some free embroidery templates to help you get creative! Let’s stand together, support our communities and create change. 

Click here to download our free to use graphics.

Creative typography.

Not only is creative typography bold, but it’s also individual. Developing ways to use typography can help to create more innovative compositions, demanding attention and conveying messages. In order to successfully use typography to its fullest, it’s important to understand how text makes people feel. Each colour, shape and line needs to be considered in order to express the correct message. Take a look at these examples below and how each has been carefully constructed to express a different message.

Typography example by Ryan Putnam
Creative typography example by Ryan Putnam.
Typography example by Josh Rinard.
Creative typography example by Josh Rinard.

Design for social.

Most consumers are influenced by social media, and in a busy online world, social media design needs to be bold and instantly captivating but also clear and concise. The average smartphone screen is only 7 x 15 cm, so you have very little space to capture your audience’s attention! When designing for social, it is important to consider the key messaging to ensure the design is clear enough for this message to be read and understood.

Branded content helps to build your brand to become instantly recognisable when users scroll through their social feeds. And with such small parameters, this is very important.

Although social design can be restrictive in terms of space and size, there are lots of possibilities in terms of media variety! Design for social includes things like GIFs, videos, carousel posts, imagery, filters, slideshow and infographics, the possibilities are endless! Each content has a purpose, so understand your audience and what they respond to most positively will be key to successful social design. 

Social Media design example by Coca Cola
Social Media design example by Coca Cola.
Social Media design example by Coca Cola.
Social Media design example by Coca Cola.

Mixed Media.

Mixing papercraft and digital techniques really help to create a more authentic experience and add depth to design. This style allows contrast and harmony to work together in a strangely beautiful and intriguing way. Mixing illustration with photography, physical with digital makes for a dynamically interesting image that can really stand out amongst most. Take a look at these examples below of how beautiful a mixed media or collage combination can be!

Mixed Media design example by Mila.
Mixed Media design example by Mila.

Colour Notes.

Colours change with the seasons… Quite literally! Many designers are stepping back from the bold, vivid colours of last year and opting for more muted, natural colour palettes. These colours suggest sustainability and give a more earthly and calm feel to many. With people increasingly opting for a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle, we think these colours will help relate to this audience.

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    I have read your artich whics is very good. The point regarding Creative typography is the best advice ever.

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